Private Practice

Dr Debbie Sell has an independent practice in International Private Patients in Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is an expert practitioner in the area of communication disorders associated with cleft palate and nasal sounding speech associated with a wide range of aetiologies, having nearly 30 years experience in this clinical area. She sees patients independently and also works in the private multidisciplinary Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic

Accurate evaluation and diagnosis of speech disorders associated with cleft palate/nasal sounding speech is essential for the correct management of speech disorders. A range of perceptual and computer based assessments are used as appropriate. Dr Sell regularly undertakes nasendoscopy (passing a small telescope through one side of the nose to the back of the throat) and videofluoroscopy (a simple moving xray during speech). These, together with expert perceptual assessment, means she is able to suggest the appropriate course of management, be it surgery, speech therapy or more rarely the use of a dental plate, known as a speech bulb obturator or palatal lift. She has a wide range of professionals to whom she can refer when needed. Dr Sell is also able to provide speech therapy intervention.

Dr Sell is experienced in providing medico legal expert witness reports. She has completed additional post graduate training in expert witness work for speech and language therapists.

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